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You can easily compare your favorite vehicles up close all on one page.  When viewing the main inventory page or your search-results pages, check the boxes of your choices and click the Compare Selected Vehicles button at the top or bottom of the page.  On any showcase page, simply click the Compare This Vehicle button.  After you have chosen 1 or more favorite vehicles, click the Compare Choices tab at the top or bottom of the page at any time to review and further compare the selections.


Not all browsers are fully capable of all modern website design techniques.  For example, this demo features an experimental component that allows you to change the skin of the website (seen to the right), but only current versions of Mozilla Firefox & Opera browsers fully support this feature correctly.  Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari (on Microsoft Windows based computers) require a page refresh to make this function.  This is the dilemma of the modern website design team.  A technique that works in one browser fails in the next — and visa-versa.  To make it worse, individual users can change some browser’s settings to impersonate another browser.  (if you are one of those users, you may not get the desired results here)

SoftMoon WebWare produces only fully operational websites and backend software that has been tested on all modern browsers for performance, user friendliness & accessibility, proper functionality, and error-free operation.  While our demo site shows off the future of the web where it can, you can rest-assured your production-level website will be rock-solid, compatible with legacy systems, and ready to be easily upgraded in the future.  In the mean time, our websites bring the most up-to-date modern features to your online sales presentation.

You can get a feel for how your dealership’s website can be customized to fit your individual style.  Try out some of the pre-designed skins available below.  Of course we can coordinate the overall color scheme to match your pre-existing logos and other graphics, as well as any visual compositions our design experts may develop for you.  For an even more personalized effect, our designers can completely reconceive your website’s character to bring a fresh, unique, and invigorating touch to your client’s online shopping experience that they will remember and identify directly with you.

If you’re having trouble finding the specific vehicle that your heart desires, we can keep an eye out for it in your behalf; and if we do find it, we can email you immediately.  Simply use the Vehicle Finder on our Contact page, and you will be automatically informed of the new arrival on our lot.

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Our Current Web Specialweb special

We offer a specially selected vehicle priced to sell - AT AN EVEN LOWER PRICE!

All you need to do is come down to our showroom and tell us you saw this vehicle on our website, and we will give you the Web Special Price shown below, or if none is shown, 10% off the sticker price.

Vehicle Showcase

Gloss Black   1955   Porsche   356A Speedster   1600 SUPER Cabriolet

Main Picture
only $4,528.23 per month

with at signing
takes it home!
  • rear-mount flat 4-cyl 1582cc 75HP Engine
  • 2-Wheel Rear-Drive Independent Suspension
  • 4 Speed Manual Transmission
  • Interior Color:  Burgandy
  • Number of Doors:  2 (including any Hatchbacks or Vanbacks)
  • Mileage:  12,250
  • Mileage Adjustment:  140
  • License Plate Number:  BATHTUB
  • License Plate State:  Indiana
  • VIN:  WPunknownxxxx0000
  • Stock Number:  JoePor
  • Web Special Price$274,900.00
  • Sticker Price$275,000.00

Factory Installed Equipment:  luggage bag

Available Options:  bra

This is the model that repeatedly broke long distance speed and endurance records in it's day, propelling Porsche to the forefront of racing and automotive design in general.

Quite a jem you WON'T see again

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