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You can easily compare your favorite vehicles up close all on one page.  When viewing the main inventory page or your search-results pages, check the boxes of your choices and click the Compare Selected Vehicles button at the top or bottom of the page.  On any showcase page, simply click the Compare This Vehicle button.  After you have chosen 1 or more favorite vehicles, click the Compare Choices tab at the top or bottom of the page at any time to review and further compare the selections.


Not all browsers are fully capable of all modern website design techniques.  For example, this demo features an experimental component that allows you to change the skin of the website (seen to the right), but only current versions of Mozilla Firefox & Opera browsers fully support this feature correctly.  Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari (on Microsoft Windows based computers) require a page refresh to make this function.  This is the dilemma of the modern website design team.  A technique that works in one browser fails in the next — and visa-versa.  To make it worse, individual users can change some browser’s settings to impersonate another browser.  (if you are one of those users, you may not get the desired results here)

SoftMoon WebWare produces only fully operational websites and backend software that has been tested on all modern browsers for performance, user friendliness & accessibility, proper functionality, and error-free operation.  While our demo site shows off the future of the web where it can, you can rest-assured your production-level website will be rock-solid, compatible with legacy systems, and ready to be easily upgraded in the future.  In the mean time, our websites bring the most up-to-date modern features to your online sales presentation.

You can get a feel for how your dealership’s website can be customized to fit your individual style.  Try out some of the pre-designed skins available below.  Of course we can coordinate the overall color scheme to match your pre-existing logos and other graphics, as well as any visual compositions our design experts may develop for you.  For an even more personalized effect, our designers can completely reconceive your website’s character to bring a fresh, unique, and invigorating touch to your client’s online shopping experience that they will remember and identify directly with you.

If you’re having trouble finding the specific vehicle that your heart desires, we can keep an eye out for it in your behalf; and if we do find it, we can email you immediately.  Simply use the Vehicle Finder on our Contact page, and you will be automatically informed of the new arrival on our lot.

SoftMoon Dealer Websites Demo

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Shining Star Websites

Brilliant Website Design & Development to Illuminate Your BusinessSM

Your acquisition of a complete Best Automotive Dealer Website Suite guarantees your business will shine above the competition and make an impact on your clients that they won’t forget.  The backend software developed and written by SoftMoon WebWare is simply the best there is available.  A graphics package from Sunrise Visuals will bring the qualities of fresh excitement and dependable establishment like a bright new day to your online presentation.  When bundled together with search engine promotional optimization management from RocketUS Promotions, your advertising dollar will go farther than ever before to drive real clients directly to your door.

Shining Star Websites is an umbrella company established to deliver turnkey websites under single-negotiation, single-contract, and single-compensation terms.  We handle the installation & set-up, the trivial amount of training needed for daily operations of your website, and long term technical support provided to you should you have any questions regarding it’s use and maintenance.  Our job is to make you look fabulous in the eyes of the public without requiring your needless exertion.  We end the struggle for an online presence, and make it easy for you to get back to doing what you do best: selling cars to your newly acquired clients.

Having your own website is the best long term advertising plan your budget can scrutinize.  No other form of widespread advertising other than word-of-mouth from satisfied customers will bring you a greater sales profit margin.  We’re here to help you accomplish and exceed your sales goals no matter what the size of your company or the extent of your business’ online needs.

SoftMoon WebWare

Custom Websites built for the 21st CenturySM

SoftMoon WebWare was founded by a 25-year veteran programmer with a passion for excellence.  While writing operating system upgrades for pre-windows computers, the catch-phrase of the day even then was user friendliness.  We engineered our own software from scratch to fulfill that commitment to our clients and their clients.  All of our daily inventory maintenance interfaces are point and click and wizard-based to simplify and expedite the routine of keeping your website up-to-date.  We don’t use ZenCart, OSCommerce, Drupal, Joomla! extension, WordPress, or other open-source (free) ecommerce (shopping cart) applications because they don’t offer your potential clients the complete set of tools needed to sort out your inventory into the selection they desire.  Besides, we enjoy writing it ourselves; that’s why we do it.

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop with user friendliness.  Our software is fully tested for stability and security, from threats both internal and external.  And as of date we’re proud to report bug-free operation.  The code we write as well as the website’s structure is modular in design, fully prepared to make simple the addition of any modifications & upgrades as well as presentational updates. The websites our software produce conform completely to the most current international standards, and as such they inherently work with most any internet capable device; no need to hear “...and if you want us to write an iPhone® application for you it’s only $xxx more dollars...”

Sunrise Visuals

Bringing a Bright New Day to Your WebsiteSM

Sunrise Visuals is a pseudonym for our complete integrated advertising services, ready to create an allied advertising campaign to satisfy all your business’ promotional needs, offered through a Shining Star Website Suite.  From your website’s graphics to print-based publications, business cards, stickers, fliers, etc., and even embroidered clothing and other commercial products, we’ve got the full extent of your advertising requirements covered under one roof.  Specialists in the field, we are ready to refresh your company’s demeanor with new logos and graphics, revitalize your existing posture through editing and re-facing your current logo, and/or otherwise invigorate your business’ visual aspects and features.

Our websites are designed from the ground-up to have a solid foundation that any visual framework and “skin” can be easily added onto.  We can design a presentation that dramatically differs from the one in this demo.  An example of this technique can be seen at the CSS Zen Garden website.  This method allows you to change the entire theme of your website without touching the content, dramatically lowering the cost of future changes.  Holiday themes can be added when appropriate and changed any time desired with the modification of one file.  Again your flexibility options are virtually unlimited with our website package.

Whether you’re a mom-and-pop family operation yearning to grow, a mid-sized auto-lot wanting to expand your clientele, a major corporate multi-line multi-location conglomerate needing consolidation and unity in an advertising blueprint, a roadside expose on a two-lane country road passed every day by the same local inhabitants, a downtown commodity embedded in the heart of a big city seen every day by thousands of people, or anywhere in between, the appearance and profile that your business shows to the world is of utmost importance.  Our artists specialize in creating a unique, distinctive and emblematic look for your business to enhance your image in the eyes of the public, and can personalize all the graphics in your Best Auto Dealer Website to your preferred taste and style.  They can even take your website to the next level, accommodating any of your desires for custom animated effects.  For the thrifty business on a controlled budget, our in-house staff can create a simple logo or incorporate your existing one and match the colors of this demo to get you online and looking great in no time flat for the price of a song.

We don’t want to lock you into our pre-devised scheme, we want to work with you to give you the website you need at the price you can afford, that works with any of your existing advertising plans, and works with your existing business structure & office environment.  It’s always your choice with a Best Automotive Dealer Website: your graphics or ours, simple or custom, basic or animated.  Any way you go, the economics of your own website work in your favor.

RocketUS Promotions

Accelerating Your Rise to the TopSM

You have your website, now you need to make it discoverable.  While a Best Automotive Dealer Website is designed, engineered, & written to be Search Engine friendly and will automatically rise in search results ranking with time, certain procedures can expedite it’s ascension and even bring it to the top of the rank.  In today’s fiercely competitive used car & truck market, it’s important to utilize any advantage of time and visibility to stay ahead.  We contact the search engines for you and inform them of your website pages and the content therein.  Our initial services are included free with every complete Best Automotive Dealer Website suite.  We can inform the search engines of your latest vehicle arrivals as soon as they hit your website on a continuing non-subscription daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  Regular contact with the search engines will help make sure your website is not only outstanding in its presentational features, capabilities, & appearance, but also outstanding in its search engine ranking.

Be wary of anyone promising top results.  No one controls the search engines except the search engines’ algorithms, and no one can accurately predict what they will do.  Some will just pay Google® Adwords to put your listing at the top and charge you exuberant overhead to do so.  Never-the-less, there are tools and techniques promoted by the search engines themselves that help them find the relevant information your website is trying to exhibit. 

Our service handles all the behind the scenes details of promoting your website through both Search Engine Promotion & Optimization and any sponsored advertising you elect to engage in without cutting into your profits.  We can also handle any pay-per-click or banner advertising you choose to employ.  By utilizing the available propaganda tools available on the internet, your dealer website can gain exposure in markets where rivalry is high.  We do the drum-beating to establish your online exhibition in both the Search Engine Ranks and the World Wide Web in general, so you can contend with the competition and gain new clients.